Annual Meeting & CC&R Proposed Changes

Our annual HOA meeting will be held Tuesday, November 14th, 2023 at 7:00 p.m. at Life Springs Church 600 W. Tecumseh Rd. Please make a special effort to attend our annual HOA meeting as we will need over 75% homeowners to vote on the changes to be made to our governing documents. This important vote will affect us all as it will clarify the amount of dues we will pay Greenleaf Trails and what we will receive in return.

The proposed changes and benefits will be explained fully at the meeting. You will be receiving an invitation and proxy within the next two weeks. Please make arrangements to attend or exercise your proxy as this will greatly impact the amount of dues that we pay each year. This meeting will be very important to you and our community so please plan to attend or give your proxy to your representative or a board member if you are not able to attend.

Any questions can be directed towards any board member or email us at

HOA Annual Meeting 2023 Presentation

2023 Proxy

SWEET GRASS Maintenance Agreement

Greenleaf Trails Unsigned Agreement