Springs residents,
While negotiating the landscaping contract we were able to include maintaining all front flower
beds and tree rings with grade A cedar mulch. This is the type of mulch that the majority of the
homes had installed when they were built. The board would like to maintain this service going
forward as long as it is feasible, but no guarantee is made. CGC Complete Grounds Care called
me and wanted to start adding mulch before the board was able to set the requirements for
homeowners who had a different type of mulch in their beds. Therefore, when they came out
to start the work, CGC was told to only add mulch to the beds that had existing grade A cedar
mulch already in them until the board was able to discuss this issue. During the last board
meeting the decision was made to address the issue of homes that had a different mulch other
than grade A cedar mulch which will be handled as follows:

If your flowerbeds and tree rings currently have a mulch that is not grade A cedar, the
homeowner has the option to have the existing mulch removed and replaced with grade A
cedar mulch and then CGC will start maintaining their beds the next time they perform this
service. It will be the homeowner’s responsibility to pay for the cost of removing the old mulch
and replacing it with grade A cedar mulch. CGC will have this service available anytime they are
in our neighborhood performing services.

The board apologizes for any inconvenience this issue may have caused, but we have been
trying to address all issues as quickly as we can.

During our last meeting we also discussed the pool season. Several residents wanted the pool
season to be extended and the cost for this would be an additional $200.00 per week to cover
daily testing, addition of chemicals as needed, and cleaning. We also were able to negotiate
the option of adjusting the pool season as long as the total number of weeks were the same as
the current season. The board decided to put out a poll on our Facebook page to see what the
residents wanted. The decision has been made, according to the poll, not to extend the season
but to move it out one week since Memorial weekend is usually too cold to use the pool but is
usually warm enough after Labor Day to continue the use of the pool. The pool season for this
summer will start Friday June 3, 2022 and will end Sunday September 12, 2022. We will revisit
this each year and try to meet the needs of our residents.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel to contact any board member.
David White
HOA President
Springs at Greenleaf Trails