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Springs residents,
During our last meeting the board discussed how we plan to handle requests for leaving the
gates open. Please keep in mind that the board is responsible to adhere to the requirements
and guidelines set out in the HOA documents. As a reminder all decisions made by the board
will be made in adherence with our governing documents and the current laws. Please keep
this in mind if you have concerns with the decisions made by the board. On issues concerning
the gates, we will follow these guidelines:

Gates will continue to be open from 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM and again from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to
help alleviate traffic congestion and reduce excessive use of the gate.

Gates will be open for the annual Norman Garage Sale. This year it will be held Friday, August
6th through Sunday August 8th. If we do not have any residents conducting a garage sale during this time, we will close the gate. Please plan on having your garage sale during this time period as this will be the only time we will open the gate for a garage sale.

If there is a board-approved event going on that will require excessive use of the gate we may
leave the gate open during that time period. This might include but not limited to the

Open House
Event at the clubhouse
Food Truck
Estate sale

During inclement weather, such as ice and/or snow conditions, the gate may be left open for
the safety of the residents and to hopefully avoid any damage to the gate.

All requests for the gate to be open must be given to our HOA management representative,

Erin or Taylar

David White
HOA President
Springs at Greenleaf Trails